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Final Tentative Consideration List

List Updated

This is the final tentative list although titles might be added the day of the workshop.  The books in bold are the ones that were recently added to the list. If you have the time and books available to you, we recommend that you look at as many of the titles as you can before attending the workshop.  There are so many books and relatively so little time before the first ballot.  If we have omitted a title that you feel should be considered, please contact us.  Submissions should include the following information:  title, author, illustrator, publisher, and whether or not you could provide the book for the workshop.

Title Author Illustrator
After the fall Santat, Dan author
All ears, all eyes Jackson, Richard Tillotson, Katherine
All the way to Havana Engle, Margarita Curato, Mike
Antlered ship Slater, Dashka Fan, Terry & Eric
Balderdash Markel, Michelle Carpenter, Nancy
Before she was Harriet Cline-Ransome, Lesa Ransome, James
Big cat, little cat Cooper, Elisha author
Big machines Rinker, Sherri Duskey Rocco, John
Blue sky white stars Naberhaus, Sarvinder Nelson, Kadir
Book of mistakes Luyken, Corinna author
Boy and the whale Gerstein, Mordicai author
Boy, a mouse and a spider Herkert, Barbara Castillo, Lauren
Cinnamon Gaiman, Neil Srinivasan, Divya
City moon Cole, Rachael Gomez, Blanca
City mouse, country mouse Rudy, Maggie author
Claymates Petty, Dev Eldridge, Lauren
Creepy pair of underwear! Reynolds, Aaron Brown, Peter
Crown Barnes, Derrick James, Gordon C.
Danza! Tonatiuh, Duncan author
Dazzle ships Barton, Chris Ngai, Victo
Different pond Phi, Bao author
Draw the line Otoshi, Kathryn author
Egg Henkes, Kevin author
Flashlight night Esenwine, Matt Forrest Koehler, Fred
Flowers for Sarajevo McCutcheon, John Caldwell, Kristy
Fog Maclear, Kyo Pak, Kenard
Frida Kahlo and her animalitos Brown, Monica Parra, John
Full of fall Sayre, April Pulley author
Girl who ran Yee, Kristine & Frances Poletti Chapman, Susanna
Goldfish ghost Snicket, Lemony Brown, Lisa
Good night, planet Liniers author
Grand Canyon Chin, Jason author
Greyhound, a groundhog Jenkins, Emily Appelhans, Chris
Hawk of the castle Smith, Danna Ibatoulline, Bagram
Her right foot Eggers, Dave Harris, Shawn
Hey black child Perkins, Useni Eugene Collier, Bryan
How it feels to be a boat Kwan, James author
How to be an elephant Roy, Katherine author
How to find an elephant Banks, Kate Kulikov, Boris
In the middle of fall Henkes, Kevin Dronzek, Laura
In your hands Weatherford, Carole Boston Pinkney, Brian
Jabari jumps Cornwall, Gaia author
Legend of Rock Paper Scissors Daywalt, Drew Rex, Adam
Legendary Miss Lena Horne Weatherford, Carole Boston Zunon, Elizabeth
Life Rylant, Cynthia Wenzel, Brendan
Life on Mars Agee, Jon author
Listen Schubert, Leda Colon, Raul
Little fox in the forest Graegin, Stephanie author
Little red cat who ran away and learned his ABC's (the hard way) McDonnell, Patrick author
Little wolf's first howling Kvasnosky, Laura McGee author
Mama lion wins the race Muth, Jon J. author
Many Davies, Nicola Sutton, Emily
Marti's song for freedom Otheguy, Emma Vidal, Beatriz
Mighty Moby DaCosta, Barbara Young, Ed
Miguel's brave knight Engle, Margarita Colon, Raul
Muddy Mahin, Michael Turk, Evan
Noah Webster's fighting words Maurer, Tracy Nelson Catusanu, Mircea
Now Portis, Antoinette author
Only fish in the sea Stead, Philip C. Cordell, Matthew
Out of school and into nature Slade, Suzanne Lanan, Jessica
Out of wonder Alexander, Kwame Holmes, Ekua
Over and under the pond Messner, Kate Neal, Christopher Silas
Perfect day Smith, Lane author
Pup and bear Banks, Kate Stoop, Naoko
Purloining of Prince Oleomargarine Twain, Mark & Philip Stead Stead, Erin
Read the book, Lemmings! Dyckman, Ame Ohora, Zachariah
Red again Lehman, Barbara author
Ring bearer Cooper, Floyd author
Robinson Sis, Peter author
Round Sidman, Joyce Yoo, Taeeun
Secret life of the red fox Pringle, Laurence Garchinsky, Kate
Secret project Winter, Jonah Winter, Jeanette
Shape of the world Going, K. L. Stringer, Lauren
Silent days, silent dreams Say, Allen author
Song about myself Keats, John Raschka, Chris
Strange fruit Golio, Gary Riley-Webb, Charlotte
Strong as Sandow Tate, Don author
That is my dream! Hughes, Langston Miyares, Daniel
This house, once Freedman, Deborah author
Three billy goats gruff Pinkney, Jerry author
Tony Galing, Ed Stead, Erin E.
Triangle Barnett, Mac Klassen, Jon
Unexpected love story of Alfred Fiddleduckling Ering, Timothy Basil author
Vincent can't sleep Rosenstock, Barba GrandPre, Mary
When's my birthday? Fogliano, Julie Robinson, Christian
Where's Halmoni? Kim, Julie author
Why am I me? Britt, Paige Qualls, Sean & Selina Alko
Windows Denos, Julia Goodale, E. B.
Wolf in the snow Cordell, Matthew author
Wolf, the duck and the mouse Barnett, Mac Klassen, Jon
World is not a rectangle Winter, Jeanette author



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