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First Tentative Consideration List

Titles will be added to this list periodically until the workshop.  If you have the time and books available to you, I recommend that you look at as many of the titles as you can before attending the workshop.  There are so many books and relatively so little time before the first ballot.  If I have omitted a title that you feel should be considered, please contact us.  Submissions should include the following information:  title, author, illustrator, publisher, and whether or not you could provide the book for the workshop. 

Title Author Illustrator
Airport book Brown, Lisa author
Among a thousand fireflies Frost, Helen Lieder, Rick
Are we there yet? Santat, Dan author
Be the change Gandhi, Arun & Bethany Hegedus Turk, Evan
Before morning Sidman, Joyce Krommes, Beth
Best frints in the whole universe Portis, Antoinette author
Best in snow Sayre, April Pulley author
Bring me a rock! Miyares, Daniel author
Cat from hunger mountain Young, Ed author
City shapes Murray, Diana Collier, Bryan
Come home, Angus Downes, Patrick Kulikov, Boris
Coyote moon Gianferrari, Maria Ibatoulline, Bagram
Dead bird Brown, Margaret Wise Robinson, Christian
Du iz tak? Ellis, Carson author
Emma and Julia love ballet McClintock, Barbara author
Excellent Ed McAnulty, Stacy Sarcone-Roach, Julia
First step Goodman, Susan E. Lewis, E. B.
Fish Walsh, Liam Francis author
Frank and Lucky get schooled Perkins, Lynne Rae author
Freedom in Congo Square Weatherford, Carole Boston Christie, R. Gregory
Freedom over me Bryan, Ashley author
Giant squid Fleming, Candace Rohmann, Eric
Goodbye summer, hello autumn Pak, Kenard author
Henry & Leo Zagarenski, Pamelac author
Horrible bear Dyckman, Anne Ohora, Zachariah
Ideas are all around Stead, Philip C. author
In plain sight Jackson, Richard Pinkney, Jerry
Jazz day Orgill, Roxanne Vallejo, Francis
Leave me alone! Brosgol, Vera author
Lift your light a little higher Henson, Heather Collier, Bryan
Little penguins Rylant, Cynthia Robinson, Christian
Lucy Cecil, Randy author
Marta! Big and small Arena, Jen Dominguez, Angela
Maybe something beautiful Campoy, F. Isabel & Theresa Howell Lopez, Rafael
Nanette's baguette Willems, Mo author
Night gardener Fan, Terry Fan, Eric
Not so quiet library Ohora, Zachariah author
Old dog baby baby Fogliano, Julie Raschka, Chris
One day in the eucalyptus, eucalyptus tree Bernstrom, Daniel Wenzel, Brendan
Owl sees owl Godwin, Laura Dunlavey, Rob
Penguin problems John, Jory Smith, Lane
Pond LaMarche, Jim author
Preaching to the chickens Asim, Jabari Lewis, E. B.
Princess and the warrior Tonatiuh, Duncan author
Quit calling me a monster! John, Jory Shea, Bob
Radiant child Steptoe, Javaka author
Rescue squad no. 9 Austin, Mike author
Return Becker, Aaron author
Rudas Morales, Yuyi author
Samson in the snow Stead, Philip C. author
School's first day of school Rex, Adam Robinson, Christian
Shy Freedman, Deborah author
Six dots Bryant, Jen Kulikov, Boris
Small thing…but big Johnston, Tony Hooper, Hadley
Snow White Phelan, Matt author
Some writer! Sweet, Melissa author
Sound of silence Goldsaito, Katrina Kuo, Julia
Spot the cat Cole, Henry author
Storyteller Turk, Evan author
Swap! Light, Steve author
There is a tribe of kids Smith, Lane author
They all saw a cat Wenzel, Brendan author
This is not a picture book Ruzzier, Sergio author
Thunder boy, jr. Alexie, Sherman Morales, Yuyi
Tree in the courtyard Gottesfeld, Jeff McCarty, Peter
Twenty yawns Smiley, Jane Castillo, Lauren
Uncorker of ocean bottles Cuevas, Michelle Stead, Erin E.
Voyage in the clouds Olshan, Matthew Blackall, Sophie
We found a hat Klassen, Jon author
When spring comes Henkes, Kevin Dronzek, Laura
Wonderfall Hall, Michael author
Yellow time Stringer, Lauren author


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