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Music connects with kids-making storytime a "must attend" event at your library!

Music adds an extra special element to storytime programming. And Susan Dailey is a virtuoso at helping colleagues use music creatively. Sing a Song of Storytime is a compilation of musical activities she has used successfully. In addition to the music and lyrics, there are also annotated bibliographies of picture books related to the music, along with tips on how to deliver these unique activities.  

This new resource includes:
75+ songs, including traditional folk songs, new lyrics for familiar melodies, and original compositions
Activities, including flannel-board patterns, crafts, motions, and dances paired to songs
Popular children s books for use with the featured songs and music
Helpful hints for non-singers
A multimedia CD featuring music from the book, along with patterns, scripts, lyrics, and more

New and veteran librarians, preschool and early elementary teachers, as well as daycare workers and parents will find hundreds of great ideas in this book. You might want to consider buying one for our staff and one to circulate. Make sure this musical resource is part of our collection!

Note:  There are errors in the indexes due to a last minute change in the book.  All page numbers higher than 176 should actually appear 4 pages earlier in the book.  For example, the Index of Storytime Themes says that "Gardens" can be found on page 80, 181.  In reality, materials on this theme can be found on page 80 & 177.  I apologize for the inconvenience this causes.