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Looking for a conference speaker?  Susan can present sessions on the following topics:

Putting Pizzazz in Preschool Programming
Interested in adding some spark to your programs?  This session features a potpourri of Susan's favorites, as well as tips she's discovered during 25+ years of preschool programs. 
Sing a Song of Storytime
Music does more than soothe the savage beast.  It can also enhance preschool programming.  Its value ranges from providing a background mood to singing a story.  This session isn't just for the musically talented.
Storytelling for Preschool Programming
Be prepared to participate as Susan shares several stories using various techniques.  Included will be folktales, picture books and original stories. 
Tried and True Toddler Ideas
Great books for the toddler set!  Fantastic fingerplays!  Prop activities!  Super simple crafts!  This session is for those who work with the terrific twos & threes.

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