Mock Caldecott Workshop


In-Person Consideration List

If you have the time and books available to you, please look at as many of the titles as you can before attending the workshop.  

If I have omitted a title that you feel should be considered, please contact me. Submissions should include the following information:  title, author, illustrator, publisher, and whether or not you could provide the book for the workshop. Books must be published in 2021 and the illustrator must be a U.S. citizen or resident.

Title Author Illustrator
1619 Project Hannah-Jones, Nikole Smith, Nikkolas
America, My Love, America, My Heart Peoples-Riley, Daria author
Bear island Cordell, Matthew author
Boy named Isamu Yang, James author
Bright star Morales, Yuyi author
Circle under berry Higgins, Carter author
Dear treefrog Sidman, Joyce Sudyka, Diana
Dream street Walker, Tricia Elam Holmes, Ekua
Everybody in the red brick building Wynter, Anne Mora, Oge
Faraway things Eggers. Dave Murphy, Kelly
Follow That Frog! Stead, Philip C. Cordell, Matthew
Have you ever seen a flower? Harris, Shawn author
House Henkes, Kevin author
Hurricane Rocco, John author
I is for immigrants Alko, Selino author
I sang you down from the stars Spillett-Sumner, Tasha Goade, Michaela
Inside cat Wenzel, Brendan author
Is was Freedman, Deborah author
It fell from the sky Fan, Terry Fan, Eric
Jump at the sun Williams, Alicia D. Alcántara, Jacqueline
Keeping the city going Floca, Brian author
King of ragtime Costanza, Stephen author
Let it grow Fraser, Mary Ann Samuels, Riley
Lost package Ho, Richard Lanan, Jessica
Mel fell Tabor, Corey R. author
Milo imagines the world de la Peña, Matt Robinson, Christian
Museum of everything Perkins, Lynne Rae author
My day with the panye Charles, Tami Palacios, Sara
My tree Lim, Hope Na, Il Sung
New in town Cornell, Kevin author
Nicky & Vera Sis, Peter author
Nina Todd, Traci Robinson, Christian
Off to see the sea Grimes, Nikki Zunon, Elizabeth
Off-limits Yoon, Helen author
Old boat Pumphrey, Jarrett & Jerome authors
Outside, inside Pham, Leuyen author
Passover guest Kusel, Susan Rubin, Sean
People's painter Levinson, Cynthia Turk, Evan
Poojo’s Got Wheels Charrow author
Red Seeger, Laura Vaccaro author
Rock from the sky Klassen, Jon author
Saving American Beach King, Heidi Tyline Holmes, Ekua
Someone builds the dream Wheeler, Lisa Long, Loren
Stitch by stitch Schofield-Morrison, Connie Zunon, Elizabeth
Story of a story Hopkinson, Deborah Hooper, Hadley
Strollercoaster Ringler, Matt Raúl The Third
Survivor tree Colleen, Marcie Becker, Aaron
There is a rainbow Trinder, Theresa Snider, Grant
This very tree Rubin, Sean author
Time for bed, old house Bates, Janet Costa Ford, A.G.
Twenty-one steps Gottesfeld, Jeff Tavares, Matt
Unspeakable Weatherford, Carole Boston Cooper, Floyd
Walk in the words Talbott, Hudson author
Watercress Wang, Andrea Chin, Jason
We shall overcome Collier, Bryan author
Wishes Van, Muon Ngai, Victo
Wolfboy Harkness, Andy author
Wonder walkers Archer, Micha author
Yes & no Cooper, Elisha author
Zonia's rain forest Martinez-Neal, Juana author