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Fox, Mem.  Tough Boris.  Illustrated by Kathryn Brown.  Harcourt, 1994.
    Although he is a very tough pirate, Boris von der Borch cries when his parrots dies.

Krosoczka, Jarrett.  Bubble Bath Pirates.  Illustrated by author.  Viking, 2003.
    When pirate mommy announces bath time, it is yo ho ho and to the bath we go for her little pirates.

Mitten, Tony.  Once upon a Tide.  Illustrated by Selina Young.  Random House, 2004.
     A boy and a girl build a boat and sail off to find Captain Bart's buried treasure.  

Nash, Ogden.  The Tale of Custard the Dragon.  Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger.  Little, Brown, 1995.
    In this humorous poem, Custard the cowardly dragon saves the day when a pirate threatens Belinda and her pet animals.

Priest, Robert.  The Old Pirate of Central Park.  Illustrated by author.  Houghton Mifflin, 1999.
    A retired pirate and a retired queen engage in a thunderous battle to gain control of the Central Park sailboat pond.

Sturges, Philemon.  This Little Pirate.  Illustrated by Amy Walrod.  Dutton, 2005.  
    Two bands of pirates fight over a box, but when they raise the white flag and open the box together, they find a treasure to share.

Stutson, Caroline.  Pirate Pup.  Illustrated by Robert Rayevsky.  Chronicle, 2005.
    Captain Pup and his canine pirate crew must outwit a shipload of cats and return home with the treasure.

Tucker, Kathy.  Do Pirates Take Baths?  Illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott.  Whitman, 1994.
    Humorous rhyming answers to eleven questions about the life of pirates.



Pirate Day



I am a Pirate--fingerplay


I am a pirate itís true. 

  (point to self, nod)

Iíve sailed the ocean blue.

  (move hand in waving motion)


With a parrot on my shoulder,

  (point to shoulder)

No one could be bolder.

  (hook thumbs through shirt)


With a patch over my eye,

  (place hand over eye)

No oneís as mean as I.

  (make mad face)


So if you see me coming,

  (place hand over eyes, look around)

Youíd better start a running!

  (slap hands against legs)

Treasure hunt photo Shiver me timbers!  
We're off to find treasure!




Pirates, Pirates--fingerplay






A Pirate went to Sea--song

  (sung to "A Sailor went to Sea, Sea, Sea")


A pirate went to sea, sea, sea

  (move hands in curving motion to show ocean waves)

To see what he could see, see, see

  (place hand above eye and look around)

And all that he could see, see, see

  (place hand above eye and look around)

Was the bottom of the deep blue sea, sea, sea

  (move hands in curving motion to show ocean waves)


Bubble Bath Pirates--activity


After reading Bubble Bath Pirates, blow bubbles for the children to play in.  I have a bubble machine that was purchased in the bridal section of a craft store.

Playing with bubbles photo


Golden Doubloon Search--activity


1.  Cut gold circles from construction paper or poster board.  

2.  Hide the "coins" around the library in fairly obvious places.  

3.  Let the children find the coins and trade them in for small prizes.  I used stickers and removable tattoos.  


I told the children that they each needed to find four coins to "buy" their prizes.  Allowing each child to find only a certain amount prevents the older or more aggressive children from finding all the coins.  You could also buy plastic coins or even chocolate coins in place of the paper ones.



Pirate Toilet Paper Roll Craft


* "Pirate Day" and "I am a Pirate," which were written by Susan M. Dailey, can be used freely in programs, but may not be re-posted, reproduced, or sold without prior permission.

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