August--Week 2



Feiffer, Jules.  Bark, George.  Illustrated by author.  HarperCollins, 1999.

            When George the dog tries to bark, other animals’ sounds come out so his mother takes him to a veterinarian who finds a very unusual problem.   


Hindley, Judy.  The Best Thing about a Puppy.  Illustrated by Pat Casey.  Candlewick, 1998.

            A young boy describes all the things he likes and does not like about his feisty new puppy.


Lerman, Rory S.  Charlie’s Checklist.  Illustrated by Alison Bartlett.  Orchard, 1997.

            A dog thinks he wants to leave the farm for the big city, but he finds out happiness is right next door.


Rosen, Michael.  Rover.  Illustrated by Neal Layton.  Random House, 1999.

            A dog reveals his life with his pet humans and how he saves the little one’s life.


Schories, Pat.  He's your dog!  Illustrated by author.  Farrar, Straus, Giroux, c1993.

            When the puppy gets in trouble for chewing shoes, his owner makes plans to run away.


Trapani, Iza.  How Much is that Doggie in the Window?  Illustrated by author.  Gareth Stevens, 1999.

            Longing to buy a special puppy, a boy tries to earn the money he needs but ends up spending it on family members, who ultimately surprise him with a special gift.


Wells, Rosemary.  McDuff Comes Home.  Illustrated by Susan Jeffers.  Hyperion, 1997.

            McDuff the little white dog gets lost while chasing a bunny and needs help finding his way home.


Ziefert, Harriet.  I Swapped My Dog.  Illustrated by Emily Bolam.  Houghton Mifflin, 1998.

            A farmer makes a series of trades and ends up with the dog he had at the start.




Dings, Whumps, Gurgles and Thumps from Kidstuff, volume 3, number 10, page 11.




Angus Lost.  Phoenix Films, 1982.  Based on the book by Marjorie Flack.  11 minutes. 

Officer Buckle and Gloria.  Weston Woods, 1995.  Based on the book by Peggy Rathmann.  11 minutes.




Call the dog—fingerplay from 1001 Rhymes and Fingerplays, page 136


5 little puppies—fingerplay from Kidstuff, volume 3, number 10, page 10


Frisky’s doghouse—fingerplay from Kidstuff, volume 3, number 10, page 10


Some dogs bark—fingerplay

            Some dogs bark.

              (make appropriate noises)

            Some dogs growl.

            Some dogs yip.

            Some dogs howl.

            And some dogs just wag their tail.


B-i-n-g-o—song from Where is Thumbkin? page 44


Oh where, oh where, has my little dog gone—song from Where is Thumbkin? page 52


Rover can—creative dramatics

1.   Talk about tricks that dogs are often taught, e.g. sitting, fetching, rolling over.

2.   Tell them that they are going to pretend to be a dog named Rover.  They should pretend to do   the tricks mentioned in the following poem:

Rover can catch.

Rover can shake.

Rover can roll over.

Rover can beg.          

3.   Start out very slowly.  Repeat the rhyme several times getting faster each time.


Dog names—activity with visuals

1.   Photocopy the dog patterns provided.  Make one dachshund, one dalmatian, one poodle and three of the other dogs.  Color the three dogs white, black and gold.  Add magnets to the back of each.

2.   Place the dogs on the magnetic board.  Tell the children that dogs are often given names that match what they look like.  Ask which one of the dogs would probably be named Goldie.

3.   Continue with other appropriate names such as Midnight for black dog, Snowball for white dog, Spot for dalmatian, Fancy for poodle.  You might ask the children what they would name the dachshund or use something like Weiner, Hot Dog, etc.


Dog visit—activity

1.   Arrange for someone to visit who has a dog or puppies.  Have the person talk about how he/she got the dog, how to take care of it, etc.

2.   You should tell parents in advance.  Some children are allergic to animals or are afraid of them.

3.   Before the dog arrives, talk briefly about how to approach it.  It would probably be best if the children did not pet it until after the talk so the dog has a chance to get used to the situation.




Puppy dog puppet from Kidstuff, volume 3, number 10, page 8


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